Milton Keynes 0-19 Service

Whether your child has already attended nursery or daycare or not, starting school is a big change for you and your child.  Our 0-19 team can help you both to make the transition easier and ensure that you are all ready to move onto the next stage of your child’s life.

To be ready for school your child should be:

  • Toilet trained and able to go to the toilet by themselves
  • Able to wash and dry their own hands
  • Able to dress and undress on their own
  • No longer using a dummy or drinking from a bottle
  • Up to date with their childhood immunisations.

The school day can feel like a very long time to young children. It is important for them to get into a routine early on - getting a good night’s sleep and eating breakfast in the morning will help your child concentrate throughout the school day. If you need help with any aspects of this, we are here to help.

Please contact the 0-19 service for support and advice if you have any concerns that your child is not ready for school or you have worries about their development. Our 0-19 Team can support you and your child to be ready for school.

In reception year we routinely offer a school entrant health screen for all children. This includes the opportunity to identify any health needs that we may be able to support you with.