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Starting Primary School

The first day at primary school is a huge milestone for both your child and you.

The idea of ‘big school’ will be very appealing for some children, but it can also be quite frightening. Spending time talking to your child about what will happen at school, for example making new friends, playing, learning, will help to reduce any anxiety your child may have.

Remember that teachers and other school staff are familiar with children who are worried in their first week at school and are there to support both the child and you.

Does your child go to secondary school, sixth form or college?

  • Immunisations: Your child should have had their pre-school boosters and MMR vaccinations.
  • Your child must be registered with a GP and a dentist. You can find your local GP surgeries and dentists, on NHS Choices
  • Make sure you return your child’s school health questionnaire to the main reception at their school. Read more about the school health questionnaire
  • If your child has to take regular medication, please make sure their school is informed of this. Medication should be handed in to the designated area in your child’s school and it is your responsibility to make sure it is in date.