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Starting School

Starting primary school is really exciting but it can be scary at the same time.

Remember, the first day at primary school is an important day for everyone so the other children in your class will be feeling the same.

At primary school you will do lots of new things!

  • You will make new friends
  • You will play new games and activities
  • You will learn new things like reading, writing, numbers and spelling.

On your first day, you will meet your teacher. They look after you in class. 

Your school nurse might carry out some tests with you too. For example, in reception class, they will do a test to check your hearing. 


It’s really normal to feel nervous when you start school. If you’re worried about it, you should speak to an adult you trust. If you have any problems or you’re feeling worried at school, you can talk to your teacher and they will help you.