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Healthy Eating

Eating the right things is important for everyone to stay healthy. It’s also good for you because:

  • It provides the vitamins and nutrients you need to grow and develop. It also helps you to have healthy hair and skin
  • It means less trips to the dentist with healthier teeth
  • It helps you to learn and concentrate
  • It gives you energy to play and do fun things

What should I eat to be healthy?

  • Eat a variety of foods and try new things
  • Eat more fresh fruit and vegetables

Healthy eating tip: Try eating a piece of fruit next time you want chocolate or a sweet

  • Try not to have too many sweets, sugar cereals or fizzy drinks – they’re fine for a treat but too much is bad for your teeth
  • Put your chef’s hat on and get involved in getting your meals and snacks ready – cooking is great fun

  • Eat your five a day of fruit and vegetables. The greener the better! One portion is about the amount you can fit in your hand.

How many portions have you had today?

Many people can’t eat certain foods because of allergies (like nuts) or religion so what’s on their healthy plate might look different to yours. If you can’t eat certain foods don’t forget to tell your teachers.

What does a healthy plate look like?

Eat Well Guide

Eating healthy doesn’t mean just eating vegetables but actually eating the right amounts of a whole mix of foods.

Your meals should have:

  • Starchy carbohydrates like potato, pasta and rice.
  • Protein like fish, chicken, eggs, beef, beans and soya.
  • Vegetables – not including potatoes so fries don’t count
  • Fruit
  • Some good fat like oils, nuts, cheese or avocado.
  • A drink like water or milk.

And don’t forget to wash your hands before every meal!

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