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Being healthy doesn’t just mean eating healthily. You also need to stay active.


  • Helps give you strong muscles and bones
  • Is good for your health
  • Helps your mood and concentration
  • Gives you energy to play and do fun things
  • Is a great way to spend time with your friends and make new friends

What exercise is good for you?

  • Exercise does not just mean going to the gym like your parents or older brothers and sisters do, it just means staying active and not sitting in front of the TV or computer for a long time
  • Playing with your friends at lunch time is a great way to do exercise and have fun at the same time.

What’s your favourite game to play in the playground? Playing is exercise too!

  • Your PE lessons also count as exercise so, don’t forget to pack your PE kit if you have a PE lesson that day
  • You could try to do an activity like football or dancing after school or at the weekend.

Find an exercise activity that you find fun and that gets you moving!

You should try to do 60 minutes of exercise a day but you don’t have to do it in one go

Why not try a 10 minute shake up when you finish reading?

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